Cellophane, polypropylene and other heat sealable material bags.
Flexographic and rotographic printing, and laminations.Español
































Our experience dates back to 1960 when the company was founded as

a small bag factory with a commitment to meet the growing

cellophane bag market. During the early years we consolidated

as one of the leading companies in the market for small and

medium customers, thus meeting all types of business and needs without

limitations on volume.


Over the years we expanded our product range, investing in

cutting-edge technology to meet specific market needs.

Today's technology and materials have changed, but our attention

to detail and quality have not. As we continue

implementing more and better conversion techniques, we have remained true

to our principles of customer service and perfection of packaging.


Flexo Crystal Mexico has offered its services and quality products

to thousands of Mexican and foreign clients, from entrepreneurs starting

their business, to multinational corporations. Our practical and quick approach

has made us one of the leading flexible packaging conversion options, empaques

helping large and small to find the perfect combination between

packaging efficiency and cost..


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